More than 180 million people across the globe suffer from Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). That is more than the population of France, Germany, and the UK, combined. UTIs are grossly under-reported and a household name in India. Every woman has or will have an instance of UTI at least once in their lifetime. Women still squat and hold in search of a hygienic toilet. Such is the landscape that is left ignored by the conglomerates of the world, focusing largely on the cleanliness quotient. A clean-looking toilet, may/may not be safe. A typical toilet seat has ~3.2 million bacteria per sq. cm. A conventional toilet seat sanitizer lasts only till the time you finish reading this statement, thereby making it practically impossible to keep toilets sanitized at all times. 

Abhilasa was a young girl from a small district near Nashik. She was just like any other teenager, full of hopes and dreams for the future. But something terrible happened to her, something that would shatter her dreams forever.

Like any other female, Abhilasa had a problem - with unclean and unhygienic toilets. Whether it was at school or any public place, she was always in a discomfort and fear of contracting UTIs. 

In 2018, Abhilasa contracted a severe UTI which left her with no option but to take heavy antibiotics which only led to other health problems, causing her pain and mental agony. 

Despite her struggles, Abhilasa tried to stay strong. For months she fought hard against the pain and the infections, but her condition only worsened with time. The UTIs eventually led to bladder cancer, and after a long and painful battle, Abhilasa passed away four months later in 2018. The news was devastating. 

Though Abhilasa has gone, her story has touched our hearts and has become a powerful reminder for us to start Hygnity (Hygiene+Dignity).

It's high time, UTI needs our attention!